Dining at Currarevagh House

Food and feasting is an integral part of what we do at Currarevagh, it is our main focus and a huge source of pride. Lucy Hodgson has been cooking professionally for over 20 years, from London to Sydney and back to Dublin, and keeps us at the forefront of Irish Country House cooking.
We do not have communal dining. Everything is homemade. Cooking takes up 90% of our time and that is because we love it, we enjoy the food process and the constant evolution and scope for imagination it provides. Each plate is a fresh start and a new chance to be innovative and show what the area has to offer.
Non residents are always welcome, but please book in advance as space is really limited. It can be a leisurely affair - perhaps arrive about 7.00pm, have a walk or drink, sit for dinner at 8.00pm, then retire to the drawing rooms for coffee and herbal tea. Few leave before 11.00pm.
Every evening a four course dinner is served, a ritual of the country house stay and not to be missed. You can see some of our menus on the food tab. It is a tasting menu and normally takes about 2 hours, served at 8.00pm. Always local, always seasonal. It is a relaxed and informal meal, the days of staid dining rooms are long gone thank goodness. But the food does tell a local story and gives you a sense of place. You will see flourishes from our gardens and grounds, fish from the lake or landed at Rossaveal. Some of our main suppliers are listed under the food tab.
Breakfast each morning, from 8.00am (or earlier if required) until 10.00am. Home made Granola, Kombucha, yogurt, preserves, breads, local cheese, home baked ham, everything is laid out on the side board and you can help yourself. Individually cooked Full Irish always available also, with Castlemine Bacon and McGeough's Pudding.
Many of our guests take a picnic – packed in brightly coloured 1940’s era Jacobs Tins – they have soup, sandwiches on our sourdough or soda bread; selection of mini cakes, fruit, chocolate. If you’re going on the lake or a walk on our grounds we would encourage you to take the kettle, light a fire and brew your own tea. And maybe toast a marshmallow while you’re at it.
Afternoon Tea is laid out from 4.30pm or so until about 6.00pm, help yourself to Fruit cakes, Victoria Sponges, a couple of seasonal bakes, and nearly always a chocolate cookie or macaroon. It is included in all our rates and only for guests staying with us. Full range of Galway based Solaris Organic Herbal teas also available.
Currarevagh Country House is fully licensed to sell wines, spirits and beers to residents. Our unique hatch bar provides for guests an eclectic wine list, now including a separate organic and natural wine selection - vintage ports, many varieties of whiskeys, lots of gins and a full array of spirits. Cocktails can be prepared on request. We also have a good selection of Irish Craft Beers – Galway Hooker, Con O’Mara, Galway Bay Brewery to name a few.

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Currarevagh House
Oughterard, Connemara,
Co Galway, Ireland
H91 X3C2

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+353 91 552312



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+353 91 552312

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