Exploring Currarevagh

With 180 acres of private unspoiled park and woodland Currarevagh provides a unique and magical setting almost unique in Irelands ever contracting natural environment. The tranquillity of the setting of Currarevagh lends itself to one of romantic isolation – a long avenue bordered by chestnut, beech and pine trees leads to the mansion overlooking Lough Corrib, with lawns sloping down to Currarevagh Bay.

We have many paths through our woodland and along the lake shore which allow you to spend time exploring the beauty of your own private hotel, be it with a picnic or just to find a bench to read a book quietly and breath in the peaceful natural surroundings.

Wild Rhododendrons grow profusely everywhere, sheltering over 60 species of bird, with larger animals such as fox, otter and even deer not uncommon. It all gives Currarevagh the impression of being a green oasis in the boggy moorlands of Connemara. Much of our property is in a European Special Area of Conservation, perhaps the only hotel in Ireland to be so located.

The gardens are renowned for their exotic Rhododendrons brought from India many years ago by earlier Hodgsons and are fringed by Hydrangeas, Azaleas and Camelias.