Fishing Holidays Lough Corrib

Fishing is generally with wetfly, dryfly, dapping or trolling and, usually, from a drifting boat.

Fishing is free – meaning that neither licences nor permits are required. The fishing season from 15th February to 30th September can be subdivided into distinct periods:
  • Wild Brown Trout are abundant, the average size being in the region of 1 ¼ pounds, though fish up to 5lbs are not uncommon. The current record for a wild brown trout on Corrib is 24lbs.
  • Mid February to Mid March – normally wet fly when the fish feed in the cold waters for small fry and shrimp;
  • Mid March to Mid May – the “olive season”, suitable for wet, dry or nymph set up aswell as buzzer methods;
  • Mid May to Early June – the Mayfly hatches, for which Corrib is famous. Dapping with live fly can be hugely entertaining and great sport, but also wet and dry are successful. Although the hatching times vary from year to year, generally fly is abundant and mayflies can be bought from local school children, whom are still given a week of school to earn some extra pocket money.
  • Early June to Late August – normally wet or dry;
  • Late August to End September – wet or dry as the fish feed on fry, sedges and daphnia.
  • Lough Corrib also contains Pike and Perch and gets a small run of Salmon during June and July. While there is no “bag limit”, all trout under 13 inches (32 cms) must be returned to the water.